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The path of Borbonic Forts

The path of Borbonic Forts

The Isle of Capri, in the stretch of the west coast, offers tourists a way of striking beauty. To finish it takes three to five hours, starting from the Blue Grotto and arriving in Punta Carena. The suggestion is to wear flat shoes and light clothing. Inevitable, backpack, camera, a supply of water, and a swimsuit for a possible fleeting swim.

The Path of Fortini Pine, Mesola, Orrico, built as military posts in the nineteenth century, during the Saracen attacks and, transformed into deposits for artillery, thus becoming the defensive fortress of the island.

Due to their size, they're included, even today, among the largest building of the path. There is also a fourth building, remarkable for its small size and its conical structure. It is the fort Cannon, also called fort "Tombosiello" because it opens near the cove of the same name.
The route starts from the pathway leading to the Lighthouse and Fort of Pine, situated 40 meters above the sea level.

It is the largest of the forts, with barracks and tank for water supply. Continuing the journey, between rocky coves and varied vegetation, you reach a staircase that connects via Passo della Capra al Fortino Mesola, on the promontory of Cametiello.

The fort of Mesola is characterized by its walls and traces of tuff stones and lava. Nearby, an uncrowded beach (ideal to have a nice swim), and the only refreshment point of the path. The last, Fortino Orrico, it is rather significant for the history of Capri as a defensive tower attacked by Joachim Murat in 1808 and leads to the Blue Grotto and the nearby creek Gradola.

The trail is easily accessible by bus from Anacapri-Blue Grotto or Faro Punta Carena. Bus stop Orrico.

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