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Praiano and Conca de Marini

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Praiano, for its geographical position, is the only town on the Amalfi Coast from which you can admire the sunset on the sea. A pearl on the Coast and also the Doge chose it as summer holiday resort.

We mention the Saint Gennaro Church and the Saint Maria a Castro Church. Also the nightlife is amazing: a famous local club, for example, was built entirely in a cave with a panoramic terrace set in stone.

The Praiano beach is called Marina di Praia, with its medieval Tower on the Sea. Finally, there is also the small and special beach of Furore.

In Conca dei Marini you can find the Emerald Grotto, which competes in beauty with the most famous Blue Grotto in Capri. You can visit it by boat. Famous local pastry is Sfogliatella Santa Rosa, created in the Santa Rosa Convent centuries ago by nuns. Not to be missed!

We have no places where to eat to suggest to you in Praiano and Conca de Marini.

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Praiano and Conca de Marini is Here

Praiano and Conca de Marini
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