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The Nightlife

Nightlife in Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi

The nightlife in Amalfi and Sorrento peninsula offers plenty of entertainment ranging from cultural entertainment to traditional performances, festivals, local food and tasting of typical products from the Neapolitan cuisine, all lived in a timeless atmosphere, in an incredible natural scenery that gladdens body and mind.

Even a walk around the characteristic streets of the historical centers of the peninsula contribute to the sense of well-being that hovers in this magical location. Not surprisingly, if a long time, artists and intellectuals choose it as a favorite holiday destination.

Stop at one of the bars, pubs and typical restaurants to taste the typical dishes of traditional cuisine and sample the excellent local wines and spirits, plan a stop at one of the renowned local bakeries to taste the sweets of the Neapolitan tradition, or let yourself be catched by nocturnal atmosphere of clubs offering dinner and piano bar with live music.

Do not miss, for the lovers of disco, the evenings organized at the "Fauno Notte Club" during the summer or the "Blue Night" in Sorrento, and "Music on the Rocks" in Positano.

For lovers of popular music there are many events organized all along the coast, among these include the musical performances organized in the beautiful "Cloister of St. Francis" of Sorrento. The outdoor classical music concerts in Ravello, or shows tarantella or even the ballads in typical costume suits are all magnificent expressions of Sorrento's folklore, not counting the many encounters with culture that organize annually the various municipalities in the area.

Between the food and wine, the coast offers many festivals and country fairs. Consolidated annual events, which represent opportunities to taste the local cuisine, prepared with local products, with live music and entertainment and sometimes with the participation of  national and international level artists.

The grape festival, the festival of blue fish, the lemon festival and the festival of the eggplant, the latter in Massa Lubrense, are some of the many opportunities to learn about the flavors of this earth.

Finally, we recommend an evening spent in the attractive island of Capri. After reaching the Piazzetta, Capri's nightlife hub, you can choose to continue the evening in the Club's most famous as the "Anema e Core", the coolest night of Capri in the which you frequently can meet celebrities and international stars.


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