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Sorrento tour with limoncello tasting

Sorrento tour with limoncello tasting

If you are going to discover the fascinating Sorrento during your cruise, a first class excursion with private driver could be the right solution to optimize your time by make an ad hoc journey among the beauties of this city.

Famous for the spectacular scenery of the Gulf of Naples that you can admire from its terraces, Sorrento is also rich in history and art.

Among the most important places to visit are the Correale Museum, where you can admire medieval, Greek and Roman historical finds; The 14th-century cloister of San Francesco, near the Municipal Villa, from which you can admire the characteristic landscape of the area; The Sedile Dominova building of ancient roman origins, the basilica of Sant'Antonino, which houses in it works of great beauty made by local authors.

Walking in the historic center of the city, including souvenir shops and typical products, before finishing your excursion, you can sample the typical limoncello of Sorrento made with lemons from the typical cultivations of the area.


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