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Emerald Grotto (Grotta dello Smeraldo)

Emerald Grotto (Grotta dello Smeraldo)

In the locality of Conca dei Marini, a few kilometers from Amalfi, you can visit the spectacular Grotta dello Smeraldo, accidentally discovered by a fisherman in 1932.
The cave got its name from the particular play of sunlight with the waters of the sea, which creates shimmering reflections and glows such coloring the internal environment with the most diverse shades of emerald green. This natural spectacle gives it a unique and unforgettable experience.

The cave measures about 30 x 60 meters, reaching about 24 meters in height.
His entry projects the visitor into a world almost "surreal" rich caryatids, bas-reliefs, robust stalagmites protruding from the water and that is the color shades of emerald green.

On the bottom, about four feet deep, you can see an underwater nativity scene composed of ceramic figurines of typical manufacturing Vietri.

In summer, in the clearing in front of the cave is organized a festival entitled "spells the Emerald Grotto", an original mix of music shows, cabaret and tastings of typical products of the coast.

The Emerald Grotto is reached along the coastal road SS 163, with elevator or staircase, or from the sea.

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