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Queen Joan's baths (Bagni della regina Giovanna)

Queen Joan's baths (Bagni della regina Giovanna)

The Baths of Queen Joan
One of the most important archaeological sites of the Sorrento peninsula, rich in history, nature and legend. The name, in fact, is related to the Queen Giovanna D'Anjou, queen of Naples. Of her it is said that between 1371 and 1435, was on holiday at the sea accompanied by her young lovers with whom she used to entertain herself while bathing in these waters. Hence the origin of the name "Bagni della Regina Giovanna."

A scenic road framed by huge cliffs and the remains of an ancient Roman villa, leads to a wonderful natural arch over the sea.

The villa known by the name "Villa Pollio Felice" dates back to the first century. BC and is divided into two parts: the villa, surrounded by fields and maritime domus. Both connected by tunnels and stairs.

The cliff, for its peculiarities, is one of the stages most visited by swimmers, especially during the high season.

The site is reached by bus from Sorrento Circumvesuviana Station and by car leaving from Sorrento. Continue in the direction of Sorrento along Via Capo, up to the Capo di Sorrento.

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