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Punta Campanella Natural Reserve

Punta Campanella Natural Reserve

At the end of the tip of the Sorrento Peninsula, there where legend has it the meeting of Odysseus with the enchanting Sirens, and where the Romans worshiped the goddess Minerva, stands Punta Campanella. A magnificent nature reserve that protects some 40 km of coastline and the sea front, just to be counted as specially protected area of Mediterranean sea.

The reserve offers a landscape of inestimable value. It has an area of mainly limestone, several cavities, emerged as a result of karst phenomena, which later became diving for sea level rise. Among the most spectacular, which includes the Cave of Cala Mitigliano. From here on, the path is in direct contact with the flora and fauna, a succession of wild olive, rosemary, juniper and possible sightings of herring gulls and peregrine falcons.

In the reserve is also possible to devote to scuba diving in waters that descend up to 40 meters, full of colorful sea fans, amberjack and tuna. Guided tours are available and there are many centers affiliated to organize fascinating diving.

Extreme of Punta, the Temple of Athena and the Temple of Minerva, the latter currently called "Promontory of Minerva," is still home to the vestige of a tower that had the alarm function in case of attacks by pirates.

The Reserve can be reached by buses that arrive and depart from Termini station of Sorrento.

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