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Paestum Tour and Buffalo mozzarella tasting

Paestum Tour and Buffalo mozzarella tasting

Among the important stages of your trip to discover the beauties of Campania, you can not miss the Paestum temples and a moment of relaxation and taste by tasting the delicious Buffalo Mozzarella cheese, a typical product of this area.

Difficult to reach by yourself from the various main ports, to visit this area you can choose one of the many excursions with a private driver that will help you in your trips, optimizing the time at your disposal and making your trip much more relaxing.

Located to the south of Salerno, in the coastal heart of Campania between crystal clear waters and endless beaches, Paestum hides a historical treasure made of temples and ancient buildings such as the area of the forum, the temples of Hera, Poseidon and Athens, the Basilica and the Necropolis dating to the times of Greek and Roman colonies in the 5th, 7th centuries a.c.

Originally named Poseidonia, it will be renamed Paestum only in Roman times. Not just history, however, because the area of Paestum also known as the Cilento Gate is the land of production of the famous Buffalo mozzarella cheese.

After the visit to the ancient ruins, the excursion will make you discover the secrets of the various production processes of this delicious DOC product, bringing you into an authentic cheese factory where you can also try its light and unmistakable taste.


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