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To the south east of the Gulf of Salerno city, awaits one of the best preserved archaeological sites in Italy, Paestum, a city situated on the Tyrrhenian Sea between the main centers of ancient Greece. Given back partly to the daylight, is entirely UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Historical Background
The site has been inhabited since prehistoric times, some archaeological data seem to confirm that the city was founded in the seventh century. BC Over the centuries, the current city of Paestum, was conquered: the Greeks, Lucan and then a Roman colony.

Bounded by walls, presents a public area in the central part of the city the Agora, the Forum, the Amphitheatre, the Basilica - ie the 'sacred area with ancillary buildings and the main temple - and, finally, the three Doric temples, which made famous this archaeological site, the Temple of Neptune, the largest and best preserved, the Temple of Hera and the Temple of Athena.
Artifacts, testimonies and paintings are preserved in the National Archaeological Museum.

You can use a local tour lasting about a couple of hours.
The site of the ruins can be reached by car, coming from the A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria motorway, by train, Salerno and Battipaglia are the main stops on the Naples-Reggio Calabria where calling several local trains that go on to the train stations of Capaccio and Paestum.

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