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Mount Vesuvius Tour

Mount Vesuvius Tour

One of the most famous peaks in the world due to its history that saw him as the protagonist with the eruption of the 79 a.c. that broke the city of Pompeii, among the few vulcanoes still in activity in the world, the Mount Vesuvius is one of the most visited places in Italy, with tourists who came from all over the globe ready to take a climb to its summit from which you can admire the panorama of the Gulf of Naples.

Therefore is almost mandatory, an excursion to visit its natural beauties. For those who arrive in Campania through cruises in the Mediterranean, having enough time to visit Vesuvius could prove to be difficult by relying solely on public transport especially for those arriving at ports far more geographically like Salerno and Sorrento. In this case, an ideal solution is to choose the NCC excursions and private drivers who, expecting you directly upon your arrival, will take you in this adventure towards the summit of Vesuvius.

The advice is to wear comfortable shoes, as the means of transport can only arrive up to a specific section of the Mount, from which you have to travel marked paths, with the opportunity to admire the panorama of Naples and of Gulf which expand the underneath your eyes.

On its sides there is also a national park through which you can explore the various volcano areas accompanied by experienced guides.

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