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Caserta Royal Palace excursion

Caserta Royal Palace excursion

You can not miss one of the most amazing monuments visited in Italy, the Royal Palace of Caserta, during your trips among the many Italian beauties.

To be able to visit it in its entirety through the inner areas and the wide parks, you can take a private excursion with a personal driver who will bring you from your port to the Palace, leaving you the time to complete a visit to the fascinating Monument declared a world heritage Site of UNESCO few years ago.

Designed and built by and for the holidays of Bourbon family in the eighteenth century, it must was comparable to its majesty and glamor at the French Palace of Versailles. The interior rooms are decorated with frescos, coats of arms and paintings depicting the amazing landscapes that symbolize the Campania region beauties.

The main access corridors of the park feature marble statues depicting lions and one of the same King Charles of Bourbon, creator of this incredible work commissioned to the famous architect Luigi Vanvitelli. The most fascinating area of the palace is certainly one of the gardens that develop for several kilometers and in the end there is a small waterfall that feeds the fountain of Diana and Atteone.

The latter is not the only fountain in the park, because along the two main courses of the park there are other fountains that, represent classic gods or animals such as the Eolo, Dolphins or Venus and Ceres fountains.

In the English garden, however, you can admire a central little lake, small streams and lush vegetation with a wide variety of exotic plants that make the garden a magical place.


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