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Bagni Regina Giovanna

Bagni Regina Giovanna

The Domus of Pollio Felice had to be in the Bay of Puolo. The villa, - composed of buildings located on terraces degraded, are visible by the ruins, while the best-preserved remains are those of the villa or tanks, warehouses and natural docks with the nympheum.
Rooms with a barrel vault, black and white mosaic floors, stucco decorations in relief are evidence of the ancient splendor of the historical period.

Guided tours may be booked on site.
The site is accessible by bus from the station of Circumvesuviana Sorrento by car, parking and walk straight on the path.
To access the path that leads to the ruins of the Baths of Queen Joan, the head of Sorrento, you have to cross a gate, a public avenue and continue until you come to a fork towards the sea.

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