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Archaeological Tour

Archaeological Tour

Perhaps among the most visited destinations in the world, the archaeological excavations of Pompeii and Herculaneum represent important testimonies of ancient Italian history.

If you intend to visit them during your Italian cruising holiday, you can do it with organized excursions and private guides that allow you to explore the excavations in total tranquility. In fact, by choosing professional and english speaking drivers, you will be greeted warmly from your arrival port beetween Salerno, Naples and Sorrento, to be guided to the fascinating ruins.

Crossing the entrance to the Pompeii excavations, you can walk through the streets of the ancient city, admire the houses, the frescoes and the main places of worship and meeting of the ancient Romans. Among the buildings we advise you to admire the House of Menandro, with its frescoes; The Temple of Isis, that of Apollo and that of Jupiter beyond the Amphitheater.

After visiting Pompeii, before returning on you cruise ship, you will move to the other archaeological site of the area, Herculaneum where you can admire, although most of the city is still covered by the ashes, the famous Villa of Papiryi and the ancient Thermae, other testimonies of ancient Roman civilization.


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