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 Tips for a romantic weekend on the coast

A Romantic Weekend in Sorrento and Amalfi Coast

If you've decided to make a nice romantic weekend with your sweet half, the Sorrento Peninsula and the Amalfi Coast, thanks to their natural beauties, are the perfect location for your love nest.

Here is some advice on which places to choose and what to do for a romantic weekend.

1. A day of relaxation at a SPA in Sorrento

SPA Ulysse a Sorrento

An evocative idea for those who want a weekend of relaxation and total tranquility is to stay at the many hotels in the Sorrento Peninsula and in the Amalfi Coast, amongst spectacular scenery of the Gulf of Naples or Capri, A wellness center where among the whirlpools of the jacuzy, relaxing massages of couples, wellness walks, steam bath and sauna, you can regenerate and devote yourself completely to each other before discovering the beauties of Sorrento and the Coast..

2. Romantic candlelight dinner in Sorrento and Amalfi Coast

Positano cena romantica

For your romantic dinner the places and restaurants to go are definitely not in both Sorrento Peninsula and Amalfi Coast.

In Sorrento Peninsula, among the many destinations you can choose, there is not only Sorrento that with its terraces overlooking the Gulf will allow you to enjoy, in total relaxation at the light of a romantic candle, the local delicacies including spaghetti with fruits of Sea, pizza or gnocchi at Sorrento.

If you want an alternative, just a few minutes away from Sorrento, there is the quiet Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi, famous for its panoramic view over Punta Campanella, Sorrento and the Gulf of Naples. On the other side of the coast, however, if you prefer a romantic dinner at the seaside, the Nerano beach is also a great venue, also VIP and jet set, which hosts many local restaurants and restaurants.

The perfect location in the Amalfi Coast for your candlelight dinner is Positano, Maiori e Minori that from their terraces overlooking the sea allow you to spend a romantic evening immersed in a dream setting.

3. A promenade among the beauties of the Sorrento Peninsula

Vicoletti sorrento

DDuring your romantic weekend in the Sorrento or Amalfi Coast, there is a stroll through the historic streets of Sorrento to discover the beauties of this fascinating city.

Starting from the main shopping street and boutiques, where you can walk in hand, you can venture into the heart of the city through the side streets leading to the Sorrentine Town Villa, from whose terrace you can admire the charm of the Gulf of Naples, as well as visit If you go there, the small but suggestive Cloister of St. Francis.

Not far from Sorrento, moving to Massa Lubrense, if you have the chance, lies near the resort of Marciano, another place of charm: the Largo dell'Annunziata. Here, where the villa of Gioacchino Murat is located, opens a fantastic view of the Gulf of Naples, the island of Capri and the Sorrento Peninsula.

4. A exclusive excursion in the Amalfi Coast

Tramonto mare positano

If you think the Amalfi Coast is more romantic for your couple's weekend, then write down some of the nicest places you can visit. In addition to the incredible charm that you can admire along the state panorama of the Amalfi Coast, the charming Positano is a place where you can admire spectacular sunsets and the intense color of the sea where you can dive from Small but perfect for relaxation, Fornillo beach.

If you want to stretch along the coast, past Praiano from which you can admire Capri and a spectacular sunset over the sea, a particularly fascinating stop is Conca dei Marini with The Grotto of Emerald.

A natural creek that filters the light creating spectacular color effects from intense blue to blue, giving the Cave incredible chromatic effects. If you want to explore the entire coast, another romantic place to visit is Ravello with its ancient villas where exotic gardens open up a world of colors overlooking the Gulf of Salerno, which will surely remain in your heart.


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